Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ready, pack, go! NOT!

Time flies really fast, September is just around the corner! I'm doing my best not to count the days. I've already bought the tickets and the accommodations have been arranged. I thought I've got everything covered and yet I am not prepared. I am on the verge of panic actually. I already have a packing list but haven't bought the essential items needed. Sigh. A friend of mine reminded me earlier today that I need a new camera. I love taking photos with my smartphone but I'm not really a photography buff. Besides, my 5-year-old digital camera is still working so I'm quiet hesitant to buy a new one. Hopefully my Ixus 80 will suffice in capturing those epic travel moments.


Its all a bit of a blur at the moment and my travel itineraries are not yet fixed. I've been scouring Lonely Planet for some travel tips and articles, hopefully I can get things sorted and come up with something substantial in the next few days. 

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