Wednesday, January 16, 2013

B is for book and for bad reading habits.

I have been meaning to catch up on my reading. I have a couple of books which remain unread on my shelf. Truth be told, I am the type of person who immediately buys the book which she fancies and then abandon them later on. Yes, I 'm selfish when it comes to my books. And yes, I'm an abandoner. Just like what happened to Carmen Laforet's Nada which I bought a month ago. I've been putting off reading the entire novel because the context is a tad difficult for me and I have to admit I got bored with the long narratives. Even though I haven't finished reading it yet I decided to switch to another book of the same genre. This book is recommended for intermediate Spanish learners and rated positively by many online reviews. However, until now I am still stuck on the 1st chapter.

Pending books to read.

I try to keep my books as new looking as possible. That's why I really hate it when people dog-ear the pages. Every bibliophile knows that this is the worst crime against books. It's the reason why I don't like lending my books to other people who are not family members or close friends. Books must be returned in the same condition that they were in when borrowed.

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