Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - a new year, a new blog

First off, I would like to greet the entire world a HAPPY NEW YEAR! To say a lot has happened in 2012 would be an understatement. Lets just recap a few highlights from last year's events. Let's see, my account was hacked, I accidentally drenched my passport...uhmm, what else? Oh, I gate crashed a party 3 times (although it didn't happen intentionally), did my first ever spelunking experience, I was able to find time to catch up with my learning Spanish and most importantly, I survived the Mayan prophecy! Note to self, to take time to give myself a pat on the back. 

I have to admit I kinda dread the changes that may happen this year at the same time I welcome all the challenges that may come my way. I just hope that by the end of the year, I will be able to manage to do everything I aimed to do. 

May we all have the very best of health, prosperity and peace in 2013!

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